Benefits of drug impotence treatment

The subject of impotence is very painful for any representative of a strong sex. This problem can lead not only to emotional disturbances, but also to social lability, lower quality of life or mental illness. Given the possible effects of impotence, men who suffer from this disease should begin treatment as soon as possible. A variety of methods can be used for this purpose, up to operational intervention. But it should be said that over the last few years the most effective method of treatment of impotence is the admission of medicinal drugs.

Drugs for the treatment of impotence

Medication or conservative method of treatment of sexual dysfunction involves the admission of such drugs:

  • PDE-5 inhibitors;
  • Synthetic blood-flow stimulants;
  • Plant remedies;
  • Hormonal medications.

Features of popular drugs application

The most popular variant are inhibitors PDE-5. Such means include Sildenafil, which is the active substance of the drug Viagra. The effect of sildenafil is to expand the blood vessels of the penis in the process of sexual stimulation. As a result of taking this medication comes a full erection. It is necessary to notice, that the preparation acts not immediately, and in 30-40 minutes after reception.

Viagra tablets contain from 25 to 100 mg sildenafil. This medicine also includes calcium gidrogenfosfat, microcrystalline cellulose, hypromellose and other inactive substances. The action of this medication is calculated for 5-6 hours. The peculiarity of PDE-5 inhibitors is the fact that they provide almost instantaneous onset of re-erection immediately after ejaculation. Once again it is necessary to make an accent-effective action of the drug is possible only in the presence of adequate stimulation of the penis!

It should also be said that viagra online has some contraindications. Taking this medication is forbidden to men who have hypersensitivity to Sildenafilu.

Alternative to drug therapy

On the site policlinica.ru you can get acquainted with alternative options of treatment of impotence. Among the presented variants of therapy it is necessary to note:


    Vacuum treatment;

    Penile prosthesis;

    Injection therapy;

Treatment of the disease, which has caused the development of erectile dysfunction.